Sovel Cunningham

FORWARD Women's Leadership Forum

September 18, 19 & 20, 2021

Sovel Cunningham

HR Professional, Norsk Global


HR Professional turned Poet, Sovel uses her skills of poetry, writing, spoken word and over five decades of life experiences to support others in communicating their truth.
She explores and unpicks the meaning of being human and “its” interaction with the world and others.

Sovel has shared her poetry from Slough to Findhorn in Scotland.

Her debut book, Marshalled In Ranks -The Rearrangement of Words, is based on the observational discernment of the world. It includes illustrations, and each poem is prefaced with the spark of its creation, it was release late last year.

Robert Holden, author of Loveability and Life Loves You, co-written with Louise Hay said “Sovel’s poems are meditations for the soul. They help me to be more open and more present to my life.”