Ruth Hardy

FORWARD Women's Leadership Forum

March 18, 19 & 20, 2021

Ruth Hardy

Artist / Painter

I, Ruth Hardy, am a self taught teen artist based in Houston, Texas. Something I follow in my everyday life is to represent the underrepresented, as I nd myself as a teen, African American female to be underrepresented in the art world. To achieve this idea I feature mainly POC in my artwork. My goal with my artwork is to shine light on others and provide a fresh perspective by showing the viewer what is in my mind and how I see the world. I work to make art for everyone and to one day become a household name while I am alive.


“I believe the underpainting and process of a painting is the most important step rather than the end picture. It’s very metaphorical to life and our beginnings, no matter how improved we become, our beginnings still make up who we are.” -Ruth Hardy

Title and Description For Appearance

Studio Live Painting ” When Women Unite” with guest artist, Ruth Hardy
Watch me, Ruth Hardy, as I paint ” When Women Unite” and chat about my art, answer your questions, and have fun. Watch my process where you can learn how I tackle a painting.