Magdalena Gabriah

FORWARD Women's Leadership Forum

March 18, 19 & 20, 2021

Magdalena Gabriah

Multiple Entrepreneur/Best Selling Author/Motivational Speaker Forte Training Company


Magdalena believes that leaders have the power to Be The Change They Want To See In The World.

She believes that change starts with One voice, a voice that needs to be nurtured, grown and supported, which is why she is a Leaders Champion.

Her award nominated solutions, Forte Training Company helps leaders navigate often a lonely path of leadership by bring them into a community of like minded people so that they can learn together, grow together and evolve into people with influence and empathy.

Magdalena is a:

* Multi- entrepreneur
* #1 International Best Selling Co-Author of Wild Wise Women
* Finalist of Thames Valley Business and Community Awards 2019 as a Female Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019
* Public Speaker

Supporting Leaders Every Step Of The Way.