Keila Hill-Trawick

FORWARD Women's Leadership Forum

March 18, 19 & 20, 2021

Keila Hill-Trawick, MBA, CPA

 - Little Fish Accounting


Keila Hill-Trawick knows what it’s like to drop a steady job for a small business dream. Before starting Little Fish Accounting, Keila worked on accounting and auditing projects for various federal agencies, a natural progression after holding senior-level accounting and finance positions at corporations like Home Depot and Georgia-Pacific. But put simply, it just wasn’t fulfilling. Keila wanted more, and found her passion in helping friends and colleagues understand their financial standing, needs, and objectives to build their own businesses.
As Keila helped others answer questions like “Am I profitable?” and “Can I quit my full-time job?,” she decided to answer the same for herself. Today, Keila helps small businesses thrive through her transparent, easy-to-understand approach to accounting. In addition, Keila educates the community through the informative Fish Food podcast, interviews with media organizations like NPR, and engaging workshops.
Keila shows us that quitting your day job doesn’t have to be a risk. By asking the right questions, taking a clear look at financial standing, and reaching out to the right resources, entrepreneurs can succeed in the small business community. Little Fish assists in that effort by advising freelancers, solopreneurs and small businesses in reaching their financial goals to build and grow the businesses of their dreams.