Jokeeta Johnson

FORWARD Women's Leadership Forum

March 18, 19 & 20, 2021

JoKeeta Johnson

Stained Glass Artist

JoKeeta Savariau’s artistic journey began in the 1980’s in Fort Washington, MD, as an artsy-craftsy Girl Scout, and later designing and creating everything her daughters’ dreamed of having. JoKeeta took several stained glass classes that were being offered at an Orlando, FL stained glass studio. Very shortly she realized that glass work satis ed her heart and soul. She immediately began designing and building her own stained glass panels, and soon her commissioned artwork was in high demand. Creating artwork with people of color is one of JoKeeta’s trademarks, and you can feel the beat of the music in her artwork centered on musicians. JoKeeta has recently completed a 5 foot, a 6 foot and a 7 foot glass panels that have each been installed throughout the United States. She enjoys creating pieces of art that convey realism mixed with a dash of abstract are.